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Are You Waiting On God Or Just Passive?

Article by: Makungu Baloyi

The past week I have been having meetings with myself and God about waiting on Him. What does it really mean to wait on God?  In reality, when you wait on someone often they are either late or slow, or have not delivered on time. Or it could also mean you went ahead of someone, you were early so you have to wait for them to catch-up or arrive.  When I try to understand this in relation to waiting on God I’m left a little puzzled. Does it mean God is late or slow? Does it mean I went ahead of Him and He has to catch up? Surely not, He is sovereign; He is God, not confined by time, space and matter. Everything in nature is held up by his word. If he was late or had the ability to be late, some days we would have a day with 30 hours because he would be caught up  in other things and forget about bringing in the next day.

So what do I really mean when I say I am waiting on God? Am I camouflaging my lack of initiative in the name of waiting on God? Am I calling it waiting on God because I don’t want to take responsibility and do the things I know I  should be doing? I think the latter is true for me at least. I usually say I’m waiting on God to come through when he did give me instruction, but my fear of stepping out of my comfort zone cripples me. My fear of the unknown, my fear of failing and whether or not it will work out makes me stay in my comfort zone while singing Lord I wait on you.

We all love to quote scriptures like “where your feet shall tread upon I will give you that land” “I am the first not the last” “The works of my hands are blessed” in all these scriptures there is initiative, there is action. God can give you the land but he can’t move your feet , that is your responsibility. God can make you first but you must take the initiative to stand in the line so he can make you first. I think the reason why Goliath tormented the children of Israel for forty days was because all of them were afraid to take initiative and step out to confront him. David’s approach was not oh well let’s wait on God and see how he will save us from this philistine. He stepped out, took initiative, use what he had and fought the best he knew how, and guess what God showed up.

You will be surprised how so much can change when you merely step out in faith. Act on the stupid idea, start that business, write that book, act on that random thought. Obedience is our responsibility, the outcome is God’s.  So many times we are chained to our own ideas of how it should be or how it should work out that we stay and say “we are waiting on God”.

I am not saying do not wait on God, No. wait on God but wait on him to get instruction. Once you get instruction move! Sometimes the instruction might seem absurd,don’t stay in the same position in the name of waiting on God but the truth being that you are afraid of stepping out in faith. There will be seasons where God will call you to wait on Him. In such seasons He is working the fruit of the spirit  patience inside of you. Even in such seasons don’t wait passively, work on your skills work on the things in your hands, be proactive and make the most of it. Nothing is ever wasted.

I think the reason why many non-believers are successful in starting their own businesses, empires and organisations whether big or small is their ability to just act on every idea that comes without questioning it too much in the name of “ I’m waiting on God”. If it fails its lesson if it succeed it’s a win.

As Christians may we never become passive in the name of waiting on God. I strongly believe more than often God is waiting on us to take initiative, start the business, write the book, start that NGO, invest, get that degree so he can bless it and we are standing on the outskirts saying we are waiting on him.

It reminds of Sarah-Jakes Roberts message where she says ‘ If you Push it God will pull it!’

“If I’m honest I wanna push but I don’t know who will pull it up. If I’m honest I want to create it but don’t know if anyone will support it. I want to forgive but don’t want to be taken advantage off. I wanna love but don’t wanna be a fool again”

Often this is where we are and cover it up by ‘waiting on God’. Let’s let him in to help us with our “Ifs” so we can take initiative.

Your dreams are valid