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Rescued EP Review – Tylo

1. To those who don’t know you, who is Tylo?

Tylo is first and foremost a child in the kingdom of God and a son in the Nkiti family – the oldest brother of four. He is an artist, a pastor at Justified Christian Church, a producer and entrepreneur at Prolifiq Studios. He writes gospel music primarily because that is his call – to communicate God’s truth through this vehicle or gift of music; being a voice to the voiceless as well as a voice of reason in the chaos of man’s spiritual decline.

I also identify as a servant of God on the basis that I’m a pastor of a church and have for years been intertwined in the music ministry as well.

With regards to my occupation as a producer and studio owner, I really endeavor to give high quality service in terms of music production – this is a serious passion for me.


2. What can we expect beyond the EP?

Working towards releasing a full album and creating more content for the public. I’m looking to also be in and host a few shows this year. Please do follow my social media platforms for more on these details as they unfold.


3. What is the heart of the EP?

The heart of this EP is ultimately an expression of the gospel, an invitation to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and an encouragement towards genuine and untainted gratitude for this amazing grace.


4. Take us through the EP

Song Title: Hlengiwe

Composer: Tylo

Inspiration: We are saved by grace and grace alone, through Christ who carries us and is an atonement for our sins. There is an invitation to come to him as well, to have a heart of gratitude and prize Christ above all else.


Song Title: Moya Wanga

Composer: Tylo

Inspiration: Reminds us that Christ is to be prized in view that all things will pass away, but that Christ will remain.


Song Title: Msindisi Wami

Composer: Tylo

Inspiration: Speaks of how God is our refuge and rescuer, that He will never leave us nor forsake us.


Song Title: Ka Yesu

Composer: Tylo

Inspiration: Is about this great invitation – to come to Christ. In many instances, we’re invited to a number of organisations, churches, events but the greatest invitation that a man could ever have would be to solely come to Christ.

Song Title: Far yet Near

Composer: Tylo & Landmarq

Inspiration: Addresses the internal conflict that exists when one looks at where they are and where they desire to be according to worldly standards and encourages man to trust and look to God despite their condition in this world.


Song Title: I’ll Trust

Composer: Tylo

Inspiration: This song continues the message alluded to in Far yet Near and addresses the tension that often arises when one focuses on earthly gains in their walk with God. Such a focus brings uncertainty, the unsettlement of the heart and even envy when one sees others prospering in their ways. This even speaks to how distorted teachings on prosperity/material gain in churches has led to an ungodly view of earthly treasures. However again, the song encourages all who are experiencing this internal conflict, to refocus on trusting God and not have their hearts caught in earthly possessions.

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