Ten Q&A With Newie

1. To those who don’t know you, who would you say Newie is? .

I was born and raised in Limpopo Vleifontein (Venda), I, Ronewa Nthabalala known as “Newie” started singing while I was still at Sunday school under Apostolic Faith Mission Assembly (Vleifontein Venda Branch), that in itself just made music to be part of my life. I am a wife to Marcus Nkhangwe who is also my Producer and a life coach; I a mother to 2 beautiful Girls Adie and Cienna

2. Lately Gospel music has become more about the fame and fortunes, how do you resist this and remain grounded? 

The word of God keeps me grounded, I believe that God lifts those who humble themselves

3. What is your favourite song in your current album and why?

All the songs are my favorite, especially considering the message that they entail. But currently, the song which is dealing with me left, right and center is the title song “U Mudzimu E Ethe”. God is talking through that song

4. Your latest album has been received very well, did you expect such a great response?

All i did was to put my trust in the Lord that He should touch whoever receive my music

5. What is Worship to you?

Daily lifestyle. What you do daily will tell us what and who you worship

6. Which other song by a different artist do you love the most?

I don’t really remember who the composer is, but it’s a song “The blood of Jesus”. It keeps reminding me of what the Lord Jesus Christ endured just for me and all His children

7. Who has been your greatest music inspiration?

My brother Lufuno

8. What is the instruction/ vision that God has given to you regarding your music?

“To win souls back to Christ”. I want to make Jesus Christ more famous than me

9. How do you want to be remembered when all is said and done?

My wish is to leave everyone with Jesus Christ that i carry along. Less of me and more of Him

10. Any words of advice to those starting the worship journey you are currently in? 

Remain grounded in the word of God. Stay focused and always remember that God has predestined you for greater thing. Your time will come