Being Blessed

Article by: Jude Oarhe


Have we become so consumed with the material that else while spiritual things was particularly satisfying. Whether negative or positive. These days, I am blessed because I got a car? Am I not blessed because I gave back the correct change or didn’t not inflate the amount on the receipt at the office? Am I only blessed because I was first and not because I wasn’t? To be blessed means to have empowerment to do or receive something. The idea that to be blessed ends with receiving or doing subtract from entirely the meaning of being blessed. I believe that when something is taken from you that has made you less than you ought,is also being blessed. Job talks about taking the good and the bad wasn’t presupposing that God invades us with bad but dismissed the attitude that there’s never such a time when things might not go as supposed. Job 2:10. He didn’t know that it wasn’t God who brought the bad as we know today. Too many hang on to things that make a ship wreck of their Faith due to uncertainties. If it fails God bless you as well. God’s blessings makes rich and adds no sorrow. Not only when I get but when i let go too.

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