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Seasons Volume 1 Album Review

1. Your fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of your latest offering, what makes this album different from your previous ones?

What makes every album different is simply that we’re different. We make music based on our personal and communal journeys with God, which is progressive and ever changing, so naturally what we sing about and write about reflects that. And it’s never the same.

2. This is your 4th album, what has been most rewarding about this journey?

It’s always rewarding doing something TOGETHER. It’s a beautiful thing celebrating accomplishing something as a team. The reward is seeing different people banding together , laying things aside and committing towards a cause or purpose greater than themselves.

3. What we love most about WWW is you always bring New Songs, what is the continual inspiration to always come up with new songs?

As faith based songwriters we have an unfair advantage as we have the bible as a reference, which in and of itself is an endless source of inspiration. We try stick to what we know to be real and true in a world that is ever-changing and trying to define us.

4. Take us through your latest album 

Song Title: Vulan’indlela

Composer: Langa Mbonambi, Alfred “Z_lus” Ntsimane

Inspiration: Song based on Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, as He was received as the king with the waving of palm branches and shouts of “Hosanna!” (Matthews 21)


Song Title: Ngizolibiza 

Composer: Langa Mbonambi, Karabo Nchoe, Lebohang Kgapola

Inspiration: It’s simply about calling on the name above all names, the only name that saves, the name of Yeshua, Jesus. (Proverbs 18/ Romans 10)


Song Title: Beautiful Name

Composer: Lebohang Kgapola, Lesego Lebese

Inspiration: Spontaneous moment of worship expressing the beauty in the name of Jesus.


Song Title: From The Inside Out

Composer: Joel Houston, Langa Mbonambi

Inspiration: Modern Christian classic about worshiping God with everything regardless of our failures along the way


Song Title: Mvini(Rest In You)

Composer: Langa Mbonambi

Inspiration: A simple song about abiding in Christ as without Him we can do nothing. (John 15)


Song Title: Come Holy Spirit (Uthando)

Composer: Langa Mbonambi, Mark Counihan, Denise Counihan

Inspiration: No matter what we see happening around us or what we hear on the news, God’s kingdom is alive and is ever advancing. This is a bold declaration of that truth.


Song Title: I Saw A River

Composer: Mahlatse Mashua

Inspiration: A poetic piece about what the river of God looks like in Africa.


Song Title: Mfula

Composer: Langa Mbonambi, Emmanuel Dlamini

Inspiration: Inspired by the river of God that the prophet Ezekiel sees, a river that brings life and revival to all nations. (Ezekiel 47)


Song Title: Buyel’ekhaya

Composer: Langa Mbonambi, Bridgette Mbonambi, Karabo Nchoe

Inspiration: Based on the story of the prodigal son. It’s an invitation for all who feel far from God, to come home. (Luke 15)

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