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Trust In God

Article by: Jude Oarhe


I have been on a discovery path. Lessons have been learnt and are still being learnt. I conclude and could have a change of mind in future; that your future is not in any man’s hands, they can only delay it by not helping but can’t stop it as long as you don’t quit.. You ought not to absolutely trust man but God. Irrespective of who they are to you. Please, without prejudice have value for God and his words because they are able to make you.


The arm of flesh is man and he has the tendencies to skew things due to narrow perspectives. Men naturally see things in these three ways 1, what to eat, 2, what to wear, 3, where to stay. They are only aimed as self preservation. Some sociologists would prefer to categorize as follows, food, dwelling, influence. Jesus said he had to die,and the Bible says that Peter rebuked him for saying it. Self preservation as a basic instinct kicked in because his influence was threatened. Mostly these acts of self preservation are instinctive and should not always be reacted to but with corresponding responses of facts and truth. Hope differed is no hope because it makes the heart sick, Proverbs 13:12


But hope in God evidently assures because God cannot fail. You cannot hope for what you see or already have. Therefore hope is a journey and one should patiently wait for it and bear all the intrigues associated with it. Trust God and his word. knowing is key to doing,and after the blessings. You are not alone and you shall not fail. Read your Bible daily.

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