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In Conversation With Takalani Chairo Ndou

1. When did you start singing & what influenced you?
I started singing early in my life at around the age of 6. Mom and Dad being pastors, we had a family choir, Mom on alto, Dad on tenor, First born first sopranoo- lol, Second born on alto, my self on soprano and two little sisters – not sure which part they sing. We then had a group called the Rathando sisters, and we released on album in 2007. The greatest influence was the church, I sang in the worship team from 9 years of age.
2. What year did you start backing artists?
I started backing artists in 2003, backing Takie and Rofhiwa.
3. Can you name any of these artists?
I have backed numerous artists like Takie and Rofhiwa, Tebs David,  Dr Tumi, Lufuno Dagada, Worship House, Mabongi Mabasa, Collen M, etc. I have been featured by my husband Takie Ndou, Minister Lombard Matshinge
4. When did you know you were ready to go solo?
When they stopped booking me- lol, I kid….Well realized it was time when the Holy Spirit confirmed it in my spirit that I need to minister and sing it the way I feel it. God just light up a fire in my heart and I was taught about being intentional about impacting people’s live through music. I just knew I cannot continue being in the background any longer
5. Where your talent seemed greater than whom you were backing, how did you keep humble?
In my backing days I loved doing it. I loved being the support to the front liner and pushing them to do the best they can. I have never seen myself as more gifted than the next person. God has given everyone appropriate measures of the gift that is perfectly enough for the impact they have to make.
6. Beyond music what is your other profession?
I’m a qualified Internal Auditor and Investigation Specialist now turned Company Secretary
7. What drives your passion for the ministry of Worship?
I always give an example with that Chicken Licken monkey, once its got you it will stay with you. Its the calling of God upon my life and when not doing it i get very frustrated. The Holy Spirit has put fire in my soul, and I have to release it.
8. What challenges have come with being a solo artist?
Self-doubt. Sometime we forget that this is not about us, I’m a mere instrument for God to touch lives. Sometimes I’d think I’m not good enough, and compare myself with others, and the Holy Spirit constantly reminds me that this is the call of God upon my life, and he has put a seed in me that is enough for the impact he wants me to make.
9. When did your journey with Christ start?
Well I got born again when I was 10 and many times after that because I did not quite understand what it meant. It is indeed a journey of discovering how much God loves me. It is beyond my comprehension. A privilege and honor really.
10. Being a wife & mother, how do you balance career, family & music?
I have been taught about setting my priorities well and in accordance with the scripture. So that which must come first comes first no matter the circumstance. My family comes first
11. What can we expect from your upcoming album?
You can expect a coming together of sounds that define who I am, my personality included. A fusion of contemporary and African sounds. You will get to know my soul and the fire that is burning within.
12. Any exciting features we can expect? Or are they to remain a surprise?
Lets keep it under wraps for now, lol
13. Not only are you passionate about music, you have a passion for your girls. What is WOMI?
Women on the Move is my heart. I started it together with a friend of mine Pastor Thina and we hosted one conference which was a great success. Although there hasn’t been another conference, its something that we still constantly speak about. I believe God is still working on us individually so that we can teach what we know. Be on the look out for WOMI because it will be back. We are not taking any contributions for now as we are back to the drawing board. Although the work of mentoring and coaching is still happening, the greater vision of WOMI is still under construction.
14. What words of advice would you give a young woman with your passion and dreams?
I like the words of Lupita, ” All dreams are valid” . My word of advise is, Give your dream a chance, be intentional with your goals, and God who’s might power reigns supreme will make sure that all things work together for your good. Remember his plans are to prosper you , and he delights in the prosperity of his children. God loves you.



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