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Principles Of Honor & Reception

Article by: Muzi Ngwenya


Matthew 13:53-58
Matthew 10:41


The book of Matthew in the gospels particularly the 13th chapter, is teaching us simple yet profound principles of
honor and reception which could be applied in our daily lives. Let’s look at an incident that took place in the life of Jesus in his earthly walk, he came to Nazareth and taught in their Synagogue but to his astonishment they didn’t receive Him as He would have been in other regions instead they began to question His identity and that resulted in dishonor because they rejected Him. In His response to their behavior He then said “A prophet is not without honor except in his own country and in his own house”…… Do note that earlier on the same book the 10th
chapter he spoke concerning receiving a “prophet” that whoever shall receive a prophet in the name of a prophet
shall receive the prophet’s reward. Let me take a moment to unpack what I believe He meant: First before one can be in a position to honor and receive they must be able to recognize who is in their midst first, because you cannot
receive what you do not recognize and recognition in this context is about acknowledging what the person carries in
their lives hence when they are well received they leave what they carry to those who received them.


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