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Article by: Fadiel Baker


Psalm 55:21 (NKJV)

21 The words of his mouth were smoother than butter,
But war was in his heart;
His words were softer than oil,
Yet they were drawn swords.


Much of our success is determined by the amount of time we spend preparing for success. The scripture above narrates an account of a man whose words were “smoother than butter” and “softer than oil”.  The outcome of his words were pleasant & to be desired, or, for the sake of this devotion – successful.  We are first presented with the success and then the work needed to reach the place of success.


Before the words came out of his mouth the bible says that there was “war in his heart”.

Proverbs 4:23 “Everything you do flows from your heart”. 


In the same way that preparation in your heart gives your mouth success the preparation in your life gives your work success. Before getting to the place of having words smoother than butter there was war in the heart of the man. When we think about the preparation needed to go to war we can get a good idea of the preparation needed for us to succeed.


When going to war soldiers would:

Study their enemy

Recruit & train soldiers for battle

Gather artillery and weapons


Much preparation time is given to ensure the success of the army in battle.  No army general would show up to the battle lines unprepared and expect to win the battle.  What we learn from this is that the amount of preparation we willing to do, the more we increase our chances of winning.

Like an athlete exercising, a student studying, a businessman gathering information for a proposal or a musician tuning his guitar, what preparation do you need to do today to ensure your success?