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Interview by: Veroschkka Motimele


1. On Rap and Christianity, how do you justify the two being reconciled to someone who believes they are not to be mixed?

I guess you can never really justify something to a person who chooses not to accept it no matter what evidence is put in front of them. So my mission is not to justify but rather to put the Gospel on display through this art form. But for clarity purposes, when one reads Colossians 1:15-20, you see how God through Jesus Christ has reconciled all things back to himself for his purposes and glory. I then see grounds on which I can use this art form to communicate the Truth of the Gospel to those who otherwise wouldn’t listen through the conventional ways.

2. How do you guard yourself from the attention trap and wanting to be applauded outside of God?

Well that’s a tough one. We all need and look for validation and approval. It is within our nature. The issue is who are we looking for it from. As a believer I know I am validated by God but it is very easy to slip back into seeking approval from man etc. Simply staying in God’s Word daily is a helpful guard against such. That helps you discover who you are in Christ. When that happens, you will understand that nothing created, man-made or man given is worth chasing above God’s glory.

3. How important is it to you to be influential in the relationships in your life?

Never really thought about that hey. I think I’m more concerned with being faithful to God within those relationships and that leads to being influential in them. When people know you really care, they a lot more open to hearing what you have to say to them and probably will act on that advice.

4. How would you encourage a person in a lukewarm or backslidden state to choose Christ and to build themselves up again in Christ?

I’d say walking beside them if they allow you to. I remember when I went through something like that, it was the people that walked beside me that I can say God used to bring me back as opposed to those who seemed to have left me to my demise.

5. Do you consider your musical evolution so far, to be as Romans 8:28 says it is or is it still a work in progress?

To say I’ve arrived I’d be lying. Life is a work in progress. But that process is worked out for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purposes. He is using my progress for the good of others and myself. So I guess both hey. Not sure if that makes sense.

6. Do you write to teach or simply to express that which is going on within you?

Both actually. They say experience is the best teacher so I talk about my experiences in the hope that others would learn from that and make better decisions as they live out theirs.

7. Take us through your writing process from inspiration to a final product.

Well it differs. I don’t really have a set process. Yeah it all starts with inspiration and that could come from anywhere. Usually I will record short audio notes on my phone and continue to build the idea as time goes on. Sometimes it’s a beat that inspires me, sometimes it’s a social issue, sometimes it’s just everyday life. From there I lay them down in the studio and done deal.

8. How has it been working with Fresh Impressions?

Working with Fresh was really good for my growth as an artist. Beyond the music and business aspect I found a brother in Harold Moyo. Yes they were tough times but all in all it has been for the good.

9. What’s your favourite part about being on the road and performing?

I think I’m a nomad by design. I love being on the road, the experience and being with difference cultures. It always takes me back to see people in different nations appreciate the music I do. Honestly it’s something I could do for the rest of my life and I’d have no complaints.

10. What is your least favourite part about it?

Being away from my family. That’s the main thing.

11. On the current conversation about Afrika, being Christian and “woke,” what do you want to add to the conversation?

I’m all for being woke, If woke means not being ignorant of the world we live in. But if woke means rejecting the truth of the Gospel, I ain’t with that in any way. Unfortunately some have just used it as an excuse to deny God or to give reason for their hatred of him. It is good to see things for what they really are with the purpose of giving a Gospel answer to that situation.

12. How can young Christians effectively engage in the conversation to grow and fulfil the Great Commission?

By action. I think this generation is good at conversation but bad at action. It doesn’t matter where you are in your walk with Christ. You simply gotta start being the light in your school, community and society. Better the person that knows one thing and lives by that one thing, then the one that knows the whole Bible but never does anything about it.

13. What is your greatest ambition concerning your career, both eternally and earth-bound?

My greatest ambition is to be able to stand before God some day and hear the words, “well done my good and faithful servant.” Just knowing that I ran my race faithfully is what I cherish the most. Secondly it’s to see lives changed. Yes I’d love for my platform to grow and all that other stuff but nothing matters more than those two. Guess you can sum it up in loving God and loving your neighbour.

14. Outside of your career, how do you go about being the letter and representing something eternal or revealing Christ in ordinary day-to-day living off-stage?

I’d say by just keeping life simple. Loving my wife, making sure I’m a present father and just being faithful with the “little” I have hey.

15. Where/how can people get hold of you for collaborations and or bookings?

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