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“ROAR” South African film about to reach Top 10

South African film about to reach Top 10
After its first seven days in cinemas the new South African faith film, The Roar stands an excellent change to be amongst the Top 10 most popular films screened in South Africa currently. Currently it managed 11th place and could make its mark this weekend.

Considering the calibre of international films, it is facing as competitors on the big screen this is a remarkable performance for a local movie in this genre.

According to box office results from the first week in cinema, South Africans are fond of the messages about purpose in life, parent and child relationships and exquisite South African scenery supplemented by the shocking state of rhino horn poaching reflected by The Roar.

The Roar was directed and produced by film maker, Frans Cronjé who previously also made Faith like Potatoes – now estimated to have been viewed by more than 400 million people in 17 languages -, Hansie, Baroudeur and Born to Win.
“It took us more than two years to complete filming and editing to ensure a prime product of international standard. We also added some action sequences and great humour to ensure a high level of entertainment, while bringing across a life-changing message.’ says Cronjé.
“We strive to disseminate the core message of a purpose driven life and its benefits to society as widely as possible. Both the movie and my recently released book, ‘Discover your Purpose’, written in support of the film and the National Purpose Campaign are tools to improve the quality of life amongst South Africans,” says Cronjé.

“The moment I understand and live my own unique purpose I will be able assist my fellow South Africans to find and live their own purpose to enjoy improved fulfilment in life.”
He confirmed that The Roar, which is expected to still be in cinemas for at least two weeks will be available to rural and deep rural regions all over South Africa, as a fundraising tool for community fund incentives, church groups and welfare organisations.


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