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Back To Basics Opens New Doors For The Gospel

We Will Worship band member Z-lus (The Zeal) opened new doors for the Gospel Music industry with the release of his BACK TO BASICS single. The single has received great reviews from both people within the christian faith and those who are just music lovers. The single has created great expectation for the album to be released later on in 2018.


When HisWay asked Z-lus to share with us the heart behind the song he said “We sometimes find ourselves in seasons of our lives where we complicate the simplest things. The roof and the walls of the house have somehow become the foundations of our homes. I wrote “Back To Basics” to remind myself and others that success is not about our status. That society has no power to define who we are and how we do it. We are not defined by money and it cannot make choices for us. Assess the foundations of why you do what you do. Remain faithful and do not be tossed by the winds and the waves.”

The song can be downloaded for free on the below links.