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The B and C Brand

We are Bongi and Collin Damans, artists, authors and community builders. We have been married for 11 years going for 12 years, and have been blessed with two sons Wamorena 10, and Mohau 6. We are gospel artists but we also do inspirational and love songs, and are currently based in Pretoria.

We have been working together as a couple even before we got married. We enjoy working together and we believe we complement each other very well. We believe B&C is something that was carved in the heavens. Before we recorded together we tried to record as solo artists but wherever we were looking for a deal they would ask “where is your other half?, you would do well together”.

Building the B&C Brand has not been an easy task. The unfortunate thing is that because we are a married duo, when whatever deal we are working on goes sour it affects us as a couple. With growth we now have learnt to try and develop other businesses so that they can support and sustain the B&C Brand. We have started our own Recording Label called HOWSE Records, which the B&C Brand has signed under. We intend on signing up more artists in the future. For now we are still in the building phase until we have all our structures ready and in place.

With time we have learnt that it is very important to make time for family as much as were are putting in the work when it’s needed. When we get home, apart from taking those few calls, we have learnt to not focus on work. We believe that we need to give our children quality time, as we spend most of our time traveling due to work. When it is their time we switch work off. We also make time to nurture our marriage as that is the most important part.

Our advice to newly weds is, you need to take things one step at a time, your marriage has its own life and it will never be like any-other so never compare yourselves with any other marriage. Take time to learn each other and remember marriage life is not for selfish people it is about making sacrifices for each other. Lastly make sure to have a mentor you look up to, look for a couple that is a bit older than you and who will be open to share their journey with you.

Our new album Been So Good was released is September as part of our 10 year celebration for the B&C Brand and also 10 years in marriage. In the album we thank God for His goodness via a track called “Been So Good”. And there’s also a celebration of our love with 2 songs “Oneness” and our love story in “Heaven Sent”.

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