Time recalls no era within its existence where man wasn’t consumed with being the recognized as being the greatest within his field of operations. History has celebrated great men and women that have achieved the extraordinary within their space of existence and have adorned them with the title GOAT (Greatest of All Time). The concept of recognizing one man as the GOAT has made for great debated and conversation among family and friends at barbeques and social events, be it Messi vs Ronaldo, Jordan vs LeBron or even Tupac vs BIG.


The same concept and desire can be seen within the 21st century church, where those that are called into the service within the fivefold ministry or gospel artist/worship leader are striving to be the greatest within their calling. It is interesting however that those that history hails as the greatest within the Christian faith ad no ambition or drive to be noted as such, the Apostle Paul whom most argue was the greatest preacher of the Gospel, Charles Spurgeon to whom the title Prince of Preaching has been bestowed and many others although history remembers them and honours them with these titles, they themselves never had any ambition to become that.


To become the GOAT just like any other ambition, there are a lot of sacrifices that come with it. The ambition may seem noble but it is in fact one of the main dividers of the church in the 21st century. The sacrifice it usually leads to is one killing the church, we desire to have major churches of 10000 plus people so our focus become how do we raise the funds needed and how do we make ourselves attractive to the people so we may reach our mega church mark. People move from being souls that the great commission has instructed to be pursued to becoming targets and goals to the greater picture of the Mega Church dream. We abandon the counsel of the holy spirit blinded by our ambition to be the GOAT and replace it by fluent and clever sermons. Reminded of statement Charles Spurgeon made in one of his sermons in 1893 “Hear the gospel, only mind that what you hear is the Gospel. You can hear some very smart sermons and very clever sermons and, as a rule, I may say that the cleverer they are, the worse they are! Where you see so much of the man, you will see very little of His Master”.


The Master takes center stage and the messenger should be fulfilled in that, if we get forgotten minutes after delivering a sermon of a lifetime then it is perfectly fine. Our goal is not to become the greatest pastor, worshipper or any of those things, our goal is to always walk in obedience to His instruction.

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  • Interesting read. the line *More of the man and little of the master* is the core of many of this new age churches. ChurchAyisafani.