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Editors Note

Vongani Nkuna
Editor-in- Chief

Being at the stage where I sit and write this Editor’s Note is affirmation that all dreams are indeed
valid and that which you perceive you can achieve you sure definitely can achieve. It has been a
long journey for us to be at the point where you are reading this note. With each failure and trial
on the way, I became more determined to take HisWay Magazine to the world.

Before I get carried away allow me to give a brief background on why I chose to be part of
HisWay Magazine and the vital role I believe it can and will play in our societies. I was blessed
to be born and raised into a Christian home, I loved the Lord through my parents’ eyes and
wished one day to know Him like they did and still do. My pursuit of this Jesus is the reason why
I felt the birthing of a platform such as HisWay Magazine was an absolute necessity. I never
knew when to get sound content to read and edify myself, and when I found it I fell inlove with
Jesus and wanted to share Him with the entire world. I met a lot of worshippers, ministers and
titleless people doing the extraordinary for the advancement of God’s Kingdom and felt that they
need to be celebrated and encouraged.

During my pursuit and learning, the church has been at the receiving end of great criticism from
its own congregants and the world as a whole. It is as if the church has been losing its footing
as a haven for people to run to to be safe and restored, to a place where people are being taken
advantage of and deceived. I say, ‘As If’ because I am convinced that indeed Christ is building
His church and in time all things that are not of Him will fall away. Nevertheless, I felt that a
platform for such topics was needed to bring biblical and uncompromised perspective on the
ways of the Father.

Fast forward 31 st January 2018, we are bringing a publication that will in boldness tackle issues
affecting the Body of Christ, provide sound content that will edify our readers (sourced from
leading Ministers around the world), we will have a very lively online platform where fans and
artists will be able to freely engage and last but not least we will be bringing our readership a
publication that will not compromise itself and the principles set for us in scripture for any form of
self-glorification desires.

Welcome to HisWay Magazine I hope you enjoy this journey with us.

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