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Embracing the great commission and travelling the world making
disciples and teaching the word is not an easy calling to embrace,
what drove you to being obedient to that call?

For me why I do missions is simply just because of God. One of the
verses that I love till this day is Habakkuk 2:14 “For the earth will be
filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover
the sea” this verse for me paints so beautifully a picture of the earth
being filled with the glory of the Lord and well that is why I embrace this
call so as to see each and every sphere of society being filled with the
glory of the Lord.
I remember reading the bible as a little girl and I would read about
Jesus and his disciples and how he commissioned them to go and
make disciples of all nations, I was struck by this one thought that
because of their obedience we now have access to the Gospel and
that blew me away that one person’s obedience not only affects them
and their generation but it affects many generations to come. For me
its been a joy to know that I can also play my part to being part of what
God is doing in the nations, truth is it is not always easy but God shows
himself faithful time and time again so we can continue because really
in everything Jesus stays with us and He continues to empower us.

2. Tell us about your journey to salvation?

I grew up in a Christian household and I have basically been going to
church basically all my life. I made the decision to surrender my life to
Jesus when I was a 10-year- old girl in August 1998. I remember that
day clearly, it was on that day that I realized that me going to church
and doing all the right things was not enough but I needed to put my
trust in Jesus and what He has done and not my own efforts. Only
Jesus had the power to save me and nothing else and at that
realization I surrendered my life to Jesus and twenty years later I am
still learning so much about the Gospel. Till this day my heart is so
grateful for people who do children’s ministry because twenty years
ago I was given the opportunity to be led to Jesus and not cast aside
because I was just a little girl but me and my commitment were taken

3. You had an option to explore a more profitable path in the career
you studied for, what gave you the strength to walk away from it?

I remember as a teenager I was always convinced that God had called
me to the mission field. I would dream of going to nations, sharing the
Gospel and being a light that shines for God in places of darkness.
Leaving High School and going into university this was still on my heart
I studied the degree but yet I still had a growing desire to go on
mission. God opened doors for me to go into ministry in 2011 and
although there were various other things I could do when I imagined
my life there was nothing else that I could see myself doing neither was
there anything else I wanted to do. I knew that God had called me to
ministry and specifically to cross cultural missions and that calling gave
me the strength to walk away from everything else. Even today many
years later that calling is what still keeps me in the game.

4. Please list the countries you have been on mission trips to and
the experiences you have had in those countries.

Swaziland 2011- We went to two different campuses engaging
students with the Gospel. This was my first time on a mission to
another nation. One of the things I remember from this trip is that one
day I was with a friend and we were praying on the campus and we
kept on spotting this girl on campus. Eventually we approached her
and noticed that her back was bent and when she walked she would
look to the ground. While speaking to her we found out that she had a
back condition and she couldn’t straighten her back and when she
walked she was extreme pain. We prayed for her and asked Jesus to
heal her pain and immediately she started smiling because she was
healed from the pain and she could straighten her back and when we
left her she was walking properly. I remember how I was so nervous
going into that mission trip because I just did not know what to expect
but how blown away by God we were because we saw God move in
that nation. We saw many students surrendering their lives to Jesus,
God opened doors for some of our team members to address a mass
rally of students and we saw a new church plant being established on
that trip. People would walk past our gatherings and ask us how they
can be saved. All in all it was nothing that we could do in our own
strength it was literally God who moved in that place.

Mozambique 2014- I remember walking around the campus and
meeting students who just spoke Portuguese and being a bit frustrated
because we could not communicate with them. One day after a few
days like this I decided to pray and trust God for students who
understood English. That day we started encountering students who
could speak in English and we were able to engage them with the
Gospel. One thing that being on mission has taught me is that God is
intimately involved in the process of His kingdom advancing and the
lost being reached. Sometimes we think that we have to carry this
heavy load when we act in obedience to God’s commission but the fact

that God cares about each and every single detail even things that
seem as silly as asking Him for English speaking students. He is in the

Botswana 2015- I never quite get used to being on mission and seeing
God do what He does. I remember once hearing this statement that
“when you go on mission, God goes on mission in you” and that is how
I would describe all my trips this one included. On this trip we were just
blown away by how God just added so many people in that trip, literally
people would just find us and want to know who we were and how they
could get saved. We met with two people who said they had been
praying that very day for someone to tell them in detail about God and
both committed their lives to Jesus, we saw so many people saved and
set free and it was just such a blessing to be part of that and for me on
a personal level I really saw God go on mission in my heart. What God
spoke to me on that mission I still hold on to even today. One thing we
can be sure about is that God doesn’t just care about what we do for
Him but He cares about us as well. In fact he intimately cares about
each and every detail concerning us.

Kenya 2015/2016/2017- This was my longest mission trip ever. All in
all over the different times I went to this nation I stayed a total of 7.5
months. What a joy to have been part of what God is doing in Kenya. I
met the most amazing people and had very yummy food. I was met
with so many cultural differences yet at the same time struck by how
similar we actually are.

Indonesia 2016- Of all my mission trips this was probably the most
interesting because up until then I had always gone to nations that are
classified as “Christian” nations. For the first time I was now in a place
that was so different to what I am used to. In that though one thing I
have learned is that whether we look different and act differently,
whether we eat “weird” food and dress completely different from each

other at the end of the day we are all human and we need to be loved
enough that someone would share the Gospel with us. In all the
mission trips I had been on we saw lots and lots of people surrender
their lives to Jesus and because of the nation that we were in we had
been warned about not expecting too much but to focus on building
relationships with the students we met and engaged. One thing that
blew me away though was the fact that in all of that

5. What is the greatest misconception that people have about

Some of the misconceptions that I have found that people have are
they think that evangelism is only for a select few or that you have to
be perfect or know the Gospel perfectly in order to be able to share the

6. What support have you received in your mission work?

What a joy it has been going to the nations knowing that I have so
many people behind me supporting and cheering me on. I have had
support coming in different ways from people offering to drive me to
airports, helping me pay for plane tickets and living expenses, to
people giving me cellphones because I didn’t have one and I needed to
still being in communication even when I am in other nations, to people
literally giving me meals and so much more. A joy for me has been
knowing that wherever I go I don’t go alone but I have a team of people
who are always behind me and cheering me on. Its been so amazing
being in a place knowing that there is a team of people praying for not
only me but the work that we are doing. To have people pray for people
that they may never even get to meet on this side of eternity. That is
the beauty of having a team of people around you who dream of the
same thing as you do; to see the earth being filled with the glory of our

7. Most people think the great commission is just for a selected few,
how would you address that misconception?

Jesus gave the mandate to make disciples to His disciples. People,
who were walking with Him and were following Him. If in today’s day
and age we consider ourselves disciples of Jesus then it makes sense
that this mandate would be for us to. It didn’t just end with the very first
disciples and neither is it for a select few in the church today. The
mandate is for everyone who is a disciple of Jesus. What I love about
when Jesus commissioned His disciples is that He sent them out but
did not send them out alone he says “Surely I am with you always, to
the very end of the age” Matthew 28:20 and that is the assurance that
we can hold onto even today that when we enlist in God’s mission he is
with us always. For me personally I am so grateful for the Great
Commission because it literally gave me something bigger than myself
to live for. What a joy it is for me to be part of what God is doing and to
be entrusted with a mandate that has been passed on from generation
to generation from that very first time that it was given.

8. What have your greatest challenges been in your travels?

– Experiencing cultural differences
– Feeling like I don’t have enough time in a place

9. How have you overcome those challenges?

– One of the ways I Have overcome this is by actively learning about
the culture you find yourself in and learning about the people and
how they are. Making an effort to know them, what they do and why
they do what they do. Making an effort to experience the culture so
that you are better able to communicate. It is easy to go into a
nation looking through the lens of your own culture but what I am

learning each and every day is that the Gospel of Jesus transcends
each and every one of our cultures. Ultimately I am learning that
where it is required I need to be more than willing to lay down my
cultural preferences and how I want things done to ensure that
someone is reached with the Gospel.

– One of the most sobering things I have learnt or am still learning is
that I AM NOT GOD and I do not have to carry the weight of the
world. God has called me to be faithful with the ministry that He has
given to me and I need to trust and do that knowing that He will
work out everything else.

10. If you were to give advice to yourself before going on your first
mission trip, what would it be?

Relax and just trust God. He is more committed to this than you are,
there is just no way that He won’t show up. Just be faithful with what
you can do and see Him do the rest.

11. If you were to give advice to someone struggling with accepting a
similar call you have embraced, what would it be?

Trust God because He remains faithful just take the step and be
obedient to what He has called you. He will provide for each and
everything that you need and he will continue working out all things.
Although there will be challenges along the way ultimately God’s best
for you is better that anything else.

12. What is the most important thing that one needs when deciding
to live a life of service for the Lord?

He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to
you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to
this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and
nothing will be impossible for you”

13. Into what nations are you traveling to next?

Your guess is as good as mine  on a serious note though I never
really know where I am going or where I will end up. I am just always
on the lookout to go on an adventure with God wherever He leads.